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Dumbbells & Plates

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  • Precor Icarian 10pair Dumbell Rack

    Sold Sold $1050 Incl GST
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    The Icarian Free Weight line by Precor offers dependable, commercial quality benches and racks that complement the Plate Loaded and Selectorized lines. The Icarian 2-tier dumbbell rack holds 10 pairs of mutiple styles of dumbbells in angled saddles.
    All Precor Icarian FW Benches and racks feature our signature 2″ x 4″ bent-steel construction for years of dependable use. Our bent-frame design allows dumbbells to travel under the bench freely and the single post tripod design provides greater freedom during use.

    As Traded: Lead time 1-2 weeks + Shipping

    Serviced: Lead time 4-6 weeks + Shipping

    Refurbished: Lead time 6-8 weeks + Shipping

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