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The refurbishment methods employed at Gray’s Fitness have been perfected over years of operation to ensure that all equipment is brought back to a near new condition both functionally and cosmetically.

The Gray’s Fitness standard for reconditioned gym equipment guarantees a high level of quality and reliability and sets a benchmark in the industry for used and reconditioned equipment.

The final result is a fully functioning and beautifully renewed piece of commercial gym equipment that will give years more operation and use.

The below steps are performed on cardio equipment that has come out of the Gray’s Fitness workshop as “Fully Remanufactured”.

  1. Unit stripped down to base components
  2. Replace bushes, pulleys and bearings
  3. Recondition drive motor
  4. Recondition lift motor (if required)
  5. Replace drive belts
  6. Replace deck (Treadmills)
  7. Replace running belt (Treadmills)
  8. Replace worn or broken parts
  9. Replace worn Upholstery
  10. Replace defective electronic components
  11. Respray/repaint body
  12. Respray covers and casings
  13. Cut and polish covers and casings
  14. Reassemble unit
  15. Test electronic components
  16. Test unit functionality

Many of these steps are also performed on our strength equipment. For further information on the exact remanufacturing process your piece of equipment has undergone please enquire with our team.